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5613 NW Saint James Blvd
Port St Lucie, FL 34983-3411
(772) 336-4653
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I'm sure that they have a number of excuses, but this place obviously has been on the downswing for quite some time. The course conditions didn't get that horrible overnight. Just a complete waste of time and money...STAY AWAY.




I've played a number of courses on the Treasure Coast, this was likely the worst experience I've had while visiting the area. From the staff in the clubhouse, to the condition of the course and greens - everything was well below par.

-- The staff in the clubhouse, in particular the woman with the huge hair behind the counter - was downright rude. She actually had an argument with a member of my 4some about the cost of the round, which was posted in the local paper. The sad part is that we were not even questioning the price - until she pointed out that they were not honoring rates that they posted in the local paper. We had no idea anything was listed in the paper and were just trying to get out to the range and play some golf, maybe she was a temp employee, she seemed clueless. Horrible hair!

-- The course overall was downright horrible. The fairways are covered in crab grass, the bunkers were equally as bad and the greens were bumpy, fungus ridden and simply unacceptable.

-- There are no fixed restrooms anywhere on the course, the water provided has algae on mouth of the coolers and they have an extremely limited selection in the so-called club house for lunch.

I play with a group of ladies that are used to a much higher standard of golf. This course was just a disappointment from start to finish. The staff seems to think that they are at a major country club, but don't treat customers as they are or maintain the course as they are. This place was well below anything I've played in Florida.

In short - we should have driven the extra 5 miles out to PGA and played the Wanamaker - PGA and other courses in the area are leaps and bounds above this course. I wouldn't waste your time playing this course and dealing with this staff. We actually considered demanding a refund - but felt bad for these clueless people. It was a pathetic experienced from start to finish.