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140 Cateechee Trl
Hartwell, GA 30643-4985
(706) 856-3323
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A beautiful course, made so by the natural flora as the owner has not allowed the addition of flowers or shrubs to enhance the beauty around the course. It is all natural and the terrain is beautiful. A well maintained golf course cudos to the greens keeper, Mr. Workman. Built for riders. Definitely not a walking course, even for the young as several holes demand an eighth mile walk to the next tee. The layout was not very well thought out in that respect, yet it offers challenges not found on local links style municipal courses. The course demands that you play from the fairway, any shot outside the second cut results in a lost ball. Thus another degree of difficulty for the average duffer. With a little more thought it would have been a great golf course and a great course for tournaments. With these discrepancies it is a weekender and a good course for an occasional outing. For the reasons mentioned above, membership is relatively inexpensive and provides locals a great opportunity to play on an exceptional course for the location. Daily fees are a bit extreme and diminishes the value.