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27641 S Stoney Island Ave
Crete, IL 60417-8032
(708) 946-2259
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Tuckaway review August 15 ,2017

"Greener Fairways Else Where"
Your money is better spent else where ! Needed a jack hammer to set in a tee !!!
They say fairways are watered ??? Not so sure about that . A tee off lofted drive
upon landing will bound 20 /30 in the air because of dry fairway conditions .
The rough seems to be left long because of lack of watering . This results in
"pain staking slow play " due to trying to locate your ball. You will Not be taking
divots on this course .
Greens ok but all are small and crowned . Difficult to hold your approach shots

Green fees are reasonable . Here you get to play on rock hard ground .
The old saying “you get what you pay for “ fits .

Given a choice ,There are much better courses nearby one can play