Mallard Creek Golf & RV Resort

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31966 Bellinger Scale Rd
Lebanon, OR 97355-9516
(541) 259-4653
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Beautiful course but more challenging than it should be. All holes are bounded by 2 foot high grass. A small mis-hit doesn't mean a difficult shot from the rough, it means a lost ball. Balls are impossible to find even if they just roll into the grass. If you did find the ball it would be impossible to hit. I'm a 16 handicap and in my last round I physically lost 9 balls. It was the same story for everyone in my group. The high grass makes what otherwise would be a fun course a nightmare. This would be a easy fix for the grounds crew!

Course Details/History

Blue tee7272.51356,571
White tee7269.71256,046
Yellow tee7266.51155,277
Red tee7267.41224,808
Yellow (L) tee7271.11365,277
Front Nine
Blue tee3863121244004505271823765603317
White tee3682821103703905091413505233043
Yellow tee341238983203404051293244782673
Red tee302228892903103881143004482469
Yellow (L) tee341238983203404051293244782673
Back Nine
Blue tee3423074522073971633704565603254
White tee3232624281843451503554365203003
Yellow tee3011353591683031293074074952604
Red tee2811203051422921002743704552339
Yellow (L) tee3011353591683031293074074952604
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.