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750 Slocum Ave
Exeter, PA 18643-1084
(570) 655-8869
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This course is in trouble, it needs work everywhere. Green fees are cheap and you get what you pay for 18 holes of crap. Played there last summer and did not see one worker on the course. Weeds in the bunkers, rocks & cracks on the greens, fairways are dried up. Will not play there again unless the course gets a total makeover.



This is one of, if not the worst maintained courses I have ever played. Many of the fairways were uncut and it was difficult to distinguish between the fairways and the rough. The greens wree so dry they were cracking and most of the greens lacked actuall grass. The sand traps were reminicent of construction debris and the ones that actually had sand in them were so cluttered with rocks that you couldn't hit a decent shot if you wanted to. I will NEVER play this course again.