High Valley Country Club

663 Cannon Rd
Packwood, WA 98361
(360) 494-8431
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I attened the annual meeting today and was ashamed on how the members acted. There was so much hate in the room, I couldnot believe it. There were new members there and they said afterwards that if that is the way the meetings go, they will not come back. We are going to lose members if the members cannot get along with one another. We are adults, not children in grade school. Things cannot always go your way. If you have these accuzations (?) of wrong doings, show us the proof. I have asked people to show me the proof and I get no reply. They are they ones that want answers right now, but they can't deliver their proof of wrong doing. Grow up and act like adults. We have to create a good repore during our meetings if we want people to attend. We are susposed to be a family here. We need to act like one. Please excuse my spelling, but, I am old and my mind is slipping lol.
It is really bad when we have an annual meeting that is for the good of the park that we only have 44 paid members (just barely a quarum) who are the ones that help make the rules. Where are the rest of you?? A few hours out of your holdiday weekend would not hurt you but would help the community. Please try to get involved so that we can have a great community.

Course Details/History

Mens tee3128.2881,728
Ladies tee3129.6951,728
Front Nine
Mens tee203196162239252194140752671728
Ladies tee203196162239252194140752671728
Back Nine
Mens tee0
Ladies tee0
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.