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6320 Grandview Dr W
Tacoma, WA 98467-1060
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I was born and raised in Tacoma, went to shool @ Lowell in old town, three blocks. from Old Tacoma Dock,( before living by the water was the "Vogue.")
Attended Lakewood Junior High, Graduated from Lincoln High in 1943, lived near and hunted rabbits where Mcord Airforce Base is now located, went to WWII. One year at Pacific Lutheran in Parkland, took up "Golf" there!
As a kid , spent a lot of time and learned to swim in commencement bay.
Watching the "Open," I thought I recognised, Browns Point across the Bay! I could be wrong, but looking at an area map; the course is actually about 45 miles from Seattle. From all the "Hype," I thouht the course was in Seattle, at my age I'm easilly confused!
But. watching the brodcast brought back a lot of nostalgic memories.



Growing up on Puget Sound, I took Amtrak Sea to Sac,, and a wonderful time, the train had tour guides all the way, actually on the other train Sac to Den too,,,,I was amazed and proud as we passed Chambers Bay, You can't really see it all from the train, I saw enough and the links is real golf too me, As I investigate to coarse for this playing of the US Open 2015, as the tour guide announced I have found how really cool this coarse is, One is Public, two the fans can see 13 holes from on spot, It is no. 1 @ green friendly, beautiful landscape, one can go down to Puget Sound beach for a break, and the rolls and that it is so Scottish, and in my home area, wow, it has the biggest grandstand ever, I'm sure some players will have some good and bad, but the bad is because they are uses to playing USA courses where you just hit the ball and spin it around the flag with wedges, I get tiered of the course that really are not that different, i my eye , watching putting all day long, you caught my drift, and last but not least, the answer my friends is the blowing in the winds on this course and of this brilliant selection BY the USGA, ,what fun, I would like to see the pro sweat more, and they will and if they take Chambers Bay without 10 plays, they will be like me looking for my ball in the rough,,,welcome to golf fans and all fans of US Open especially , to Pugetopolis



Beautiful links Scottish style course, lot of rolls, fan friendly



I left my heart in Seattle and am so happy a couple of days, (Fred Couples) and my home are, Pugetopolis Sound, will be Playing the 2015 Golf US open at south of Tacoma, Chambers Bay, how good is that,,,,



Scottshank must have played somewhere else. This is the most incredible course on the West Coast, and I have played them all. Bandon is ok, but not up to this level. If you can't handle the fescue, go to Bandon where the Poa is taking over. The greens are very tough, lots of slope, and frustrate some players, but they are a challenge. The US Amateur was here in 2010, and it produced some of the best play ever and the highest attendance ever. The US Open here will be wonderful and I predict this course stays in the top 50 in the US forever.

Course Details/History

  • Architect Name – Robert Trent Jones, Jr., ASGCA
  • Regulation Length Holes – 18
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  • Golf Shop – Yes
  • Golf Club Rentals – Yes
  • Tee Times E-mail –
  • Tee Times Phone Number – 253-460-4653
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About This Course

Almost all new golf courses arrive with a splash, but few can claim the worldwide imprint of the newly formed Chambers Bay at University Place, Washington.

Built in 2007, the Scottish Links-style public golf course was designed by noted course architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. His objective was to create a unique golf experience, to put as many holes as possible alongside the sound, to build a course enjoyable for all skill levels but demanding enough for the world’s best players under major championship conditions. His creation immediately was hailed a success. By locating the clubhouse on the far side of the course, away from the water, he has maximized use of the shoreline for the course itself while offering stunning views of the sound for golfers and those in the clubhouse as well. By making it a walking-only course, it gives the feel of the classics of golf, though less than five years old. There are no distractions, not too many add-ons, just a great course ready to be enjoyed.

Right off the bat at the 1st hole, the player gets a clear understanding of the visual treat they are in for. As they tee off, a 50 foot-high-dune lay to the right with the backdrop of the dark blue Puget Sound for added effect. The par-4 5th hole, nicknamed “Free Fall,” is perhaps the most memorable as it plummets 80 feet from the tee to the two separate greens 150 yards apart. To reach the furthest green, a player can use a low-running approach to find the putting surface. While on the closer green, the player needs a more cautious approach due to its ominous sand dunes.

One notable golf publication voted it as the ‘best new course of 2007’ and when looking around at the scenery, a golfing enthusiast can’t help but feel that they are playing in Ireland. The giant sand dunes, rumpled fairways, breathtaking sea views and unpredictable weather give a Celtic-like atmosphere more than 5,000 miles away from the homeland of four-leaf clovers.

You may know it more as a course that hosted the 2010 U.S. Amateur and 2015 U.S. Open, which was the first-time the event has ever been held in the Pacific Northwest. But you should also know it as one of the must-play venues in the entire country, a must play for every golfer’s bucket list. So check out one of the nation’s true golfing gems, no golfer will walk away disappointed.

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U.S. Amateur at Chambers Bay will serve as test run for 2015 U.S. Open: Editorial

  • Public, 18 holes, $59 - $275

    Chambers Bay has been ranked as one of the top courses in the U.S. and the World by Golf Magazine's panel of experts.

    Voted the best new course of 2007 by GOLF Magazine, at Chambers Bay the visuals scream Ireland: giant sand dunes, rumpled fairways, stunning sea views, and unpredictable weather. But this superb new course is almost 5,000 miles west of Ballybunion, atop an old gravel mine about an hour south of Seattle, Washington. This Robert Trent Jones II municipal design is a walkers-only feast for the eyes, a relentless test of both swing and stamina. Call it Bethpage Black-by-the-Sea.

    The eye candy commences right at the 1st hole, with a 50-foot-high dune to the right and the backdrop of Puget Sound. It gets better from there. Highlights include the par-4 5th, called "Free Fall," which plummets 80 feet from tee to landing area and which culminates in two separate greens-150 yards apart. The farther green is receptive to a low-running approach, the closer one fiercely guarded by sand. The dearth of forced carries means Chambers Bay is playable for all, though a memorable exception to that is the jaw-dropping par-3 9th, its wavy potato chip-contoured green perched on the far side of a ravine.

    Chambers Bay earns the greatest compliment its possible to bestow on a new course: By the time your caddie replaces the flag at 18, all you can think about is repeating the journey.

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    Design - Golf Course at Chambers Bay Golf Course
    • Year Built: June 2007
    • Designer: Robert Trent Jones II, LLC
    • Greens Grass Type: Fescue
    • Fairways Grass Type: Fescue
    • Water Hazards: No
    • Sand Bunkers: 31-40
    • Yardage Markers: Sprinkler Heads Marked

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Sand tee7272.21296,541
White tee7270.11226,011
Blue tee7270.51225,253
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Sand tee4653661304804413694495231683391
White tee4363371114064233154354881443095
Blue tee381301923473232833634411322663
Back Nine
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Sand tee3604262625124501273571425143150
White tee3304022464864071163231194872916
Blue tee311378219437309103279924622590
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