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8804 Occidental Rd
Yakima, WA 98903-9637
(509) 966-5877
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This was the best course I had ever been to until two years ago. However, this year the course has fell in stature. I was told the 1st green got a disease, but I noticed the first four greens all had the same spotty texture. The sand traps closely resemble the sand you would find when laying pavers. It contains many small rocks and is dense making it difficult to play unless you are good at picking the ball.

The grass is well cut, but digit replacement does not seem to be a priority. The greens are usually slow, which doesnt seem plausible due to the hot weather. The practice green is rarely a good indication of how the course greens will play. The practice chipping green is never cut to an actual green height making it difficult to practice.

The fairways are wider than normal and the variances in hole yardage make it possible to use every club in your bag. The hazards are real, especially on the back nine, making it difficult to keep playing the same ball.

There are few holes that make you club down off of the tee, but will make you pay if you don't. There are some vary narrow streams that are not noticeable and will gobble up your balls if you dont know they are there.

Prices are what is expected from premier golf courses and I would be happy to pay those prices. However, recently with the course becoming less maintained and the golf carts becoming less able to finish 18 holes on a charge I think the price is a bit high.

The food prices are expected high. The food in the restaurant is average and nothing to raise your glass at. The Pro Shop is the size of an average one car garage and doesnt offer much of a selection. The prices are extremely high on items, especially "sale" items. There is almost no left handed items.