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1959 Golf Course Rd
Martinsburg, WV 25405-5680
(304) 263-4653
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This following link provides historical information on this lovely golf course.


This is a wonderful golf course that is at risk of disappearing due to the sale to a Jupiter, FL developer who is not able to develop the land of the course. The course is on the National Registry of historic places and is quite exceptional. Beautiful grounds. The club house is on a hill overlooking the course. There are views of the Appalachian mountains and Shenandoah valley. It is my hops that someone notices this little treasure and takes an interest in purchasing and re-opening the club for the enjoyment of those who love golf. Proctor and Gamble is building a HUGE facility within ten miles of the Stonebridge (Formally Opequon Gold Course). It will be a large contributor to the local economy with a projected minimum wage of $50,000. for employees. I do hope someone takes notice. Thank you,