Jack Nicklaus unveils his own golf ball line, and ball-choosing philosophy

Jack Nicklaus golf balls
Courtesy of Nicklaus Golf
Jack Nicklaus designed his new line of golf balls to make it easy for golfers of every skill level to determine which ball is most appropriate for their game.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Monday, September 30, 2013 | 10:27 p.m.

Jack Nicklaus is introducing a line of golf balls that the Golden Bear says can help simplify your golf game and help sick children as well.

The line of three balls – the Nicklaus Black, Nicklaus Blue, and Nicklaus White – was designed to accommodate three skill levels of player, using the tees from which they typically play. A percentage of the proceeds from every ball sold will be donated to the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation to support pediatric programs and hospitals nationwide, and visitors to Nicklaus.com can support the foundation by making a voluntary contribution.

''We are trying to simplify the decision-making process of selecting the right golf ball and at the same time provide consumers the highest-quality golf balls and at a price that encourages charitable support,'' Nicklaus said of the balls, which will be available this fall. ''By buying these balls, players will get the added benefit of supporting these wonderful charities that help children in need as well as the families that dearly love them.''

The Nicklaus White ball is designed for the players who typically play from the white (forward) tees. The Nicklaus Blue is designed for players who usually play the blue (middle) tees, and the Nicklaus Black is for the single-digit handicapper who generally plays from the back (black) tees.

Nicklaus and members of his family tested and perfected the balls, and Nicklaus says the new spheres will outperform other top-of-the-line golf balls. Each ball, Nicklaus explains, incorporates the most cutting-edge multi-layer technology to achieve the optimal compression for the level of player it is designed for. 

''For more than three years, we have contemplated entering the golf ball business, so over that time, I have been researching and testing golf balls,'' Nicklaus explained. ''There are a lot of very good balls on the market, but I was not able to find a ball that fully met my expectations and hopes – not just for me or other professionals, but more important, for the everyday golfer. 

''So I simply decided not to enter the business until I found that ball,'' he added. ''Well, I found that ball. Actually, I found three.''

Nicklaus' ball strategy is based on a simple principle: Skill level is an extremely important factor when selecting the right ball. ''From the tees you play, we know your swing speed; this is paramount when choosing a golf ball,'' he said. ''But no matter the percentage of players who know their swing speed, 100 percent of them know the tees they play.''

The Nicklaus Black will sell in golf shops for $50 a dozen, while the Nicklaus Blue and Nicklaus White will retail for $46 in golf shops. By ordering directly from Nicklaus.com, however, golfers will pay only $32 for the Black and $28 for the Blue and White, and will be able to make a voluntary contribution of up to $20 if they so choose. And during a month-long pre-order period, customers can order the ball for the discounted introductory prices of $30 (Black) and $26 (Blue and White) per dozen.

For more information and to place your order, visit www.nicklaus.com.




To expensive..I have been playing Wilson, really good FOR ME