A week's worth of tweets, October 31-November 6, 2011

bettinardi putter
Bettinardi Golf via Twitter
Bettinardi Golf took to Twitter last week to show us a new putter made especially for St. Louis Cardinals' slugger Albert Pujols.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, November 07, 2011 | 1:30 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of October 31-November 6, featuring Andres Gonzales, Anna Nordqvist, Hank Haney and more:

Nick Faldo

@TheSirNickFaldo   Testing my 46" 47" R11 8 dg on a double red flag day ...FORE! on other coast! @taylormadegc yfrog.com/hwxkrrwj


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Tom Boys
@Boyseygolf   Bit of putting practice before dinner! pic.twitter.com/S4RJBvo8

@TaylorMadeTour   Kaymer WITB: R11 Driver 8 degrees Fubuki 70-X, R9 FW 13 degrees 73-X, Rescue 11 TP 16 degrees VTS 89-X, RAC TP Irons 3-PW, .....cont'd

@TaylorMadeTour   Kaymer WITB: ....cont'd XFT Wedges 54 & 58, Penta TP golf ball #59, adidas adiPURE footwear. #awesome

@TaylorMadeTour   When Kaymer's back in Germany, he likes to swing by the Center of Excellence to check his stats & tweak his clubs. pic.twitter.com/XuOMebiI

@TaylorMadeTour   Martin likes to make use of the MAT-T system at the Center of Excellence nr Nuremberg. Go to taylormadegolfcoe.com pic.twitter.com/dSp71GeB

@TaylorMadeTour   In the on-site workshop at the Center of Excellence, Martin and YOU can have you clubs tweaked or built from scratch! pic.twitter.com/zLbgJ2Hs

Bubba Watson

@bubbawatson   My new putter cover!! Thanks @PingTour #Swaghashtag lockerz.com/s/153568692

Natalie Gulbis
@natalie_gulbis   Excited about all the new fossil Adidas watches! twitpic.com/7b5nj3

Titleist Africa
@TitleistAfrica   Titleist is the overwhelming golf ball of choice at the Nashua Masters. 76% of the field rely upon Titleist golf balls for their success.

Bettinardi Golf

@BettinardiGolf   St. Louis Cardinals 2011 World Series Champions putter going straight to Bettinardi Golf enthusiast Albert Pujols! fb.me/TZjwdLiL

Angela Stanford
@Angela_Stanford   In 15 yrs of travel my golf bag has never ended up in the wrong city. Thank u us air. Bag in Boston, I'm in Richmond.

Nike Golf
@nikegolf   Fresh grips on Michael Jordan's irons, new Nike record for grip wraps - 20! yfrog.com/gyy1imoj yfrog.com/nt584mj

@nikegolf   David Franklin grinding on a Method 003 for new Nike Athlete Patrick Reed - @PReedGolf twitpic.com/7avl69

@nikegolf   How many club-builders does it take to grip a belly putter? Answer: 5 -4 to put it on & 1 to hold the camera twitpic.com/7aw3de

Ted Eleftheriou, PGA
@CreateGolfers   I use B&W Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound grips. Sweaty palms in FL! :) RT @Brawleyevans: what grips do u like to use on ur clubs

Ping Golf
@PingTour   We're proud to announce the official launch of our new 2012 bag lineup! pic.twitter.com/RYrAvYm1

@FootJoy   FJ Sport, SciFlex and a sneak peek at some Spring 2012 apparel. pic.twitter.com/72k4jWvp

Graham DeLaet
@GrahamDeLaet   People asking to see pics of new putters. "THE RUBES" is my old one and the gamer, "GRAMMER" is new. 1 more on the way. //twitter.com/GrahamDeLaet/status/132488367681191936/photo/1

Sligo Wear
@SLIGOWEAR   @SLIGOWEAR rain gear has arrived! #lookgoodfeelgoodplaygood even in the rain! yfrog.com/nvm5fyqj

@SLIGOWEAR   @SLIGOWEAR Black/Electric seam sealed rain jack! Now available. yfrog.com/nxtm5ykj

D.J. Brigman
@djbrigman   Thanks @FootJoy for my new custom FJ icons. #youshouldseetheoutfits //twitpic.com/7ary0r

Kikkor Golf
@Kikkorgolf   Ladies, we apologize in advance if guys at the course start staring. The Tour Classe, arriving mid Feb. pic.twitter.com/jZIqvAtP

Andres Gonzales
@Andres_Gonzales   "@J_Muscle: @Andres_Gonzales what putter you playing these days?" Scotty Cameron Long Slant Neck.

@Andres_Gonzales   "@BigKat57: @Andres_Gonzales How does a guy get a flatbill Adams hat like u have?" Special ordered Benny Boy. Not aold in stores.

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour   Paul Mcginley and John Jacobs talking R11 fairway woods on route to a lesson at Queenwood. twitpic.com/7aq59l

@TaylorMadeTour   Any ideas on who these Penta TP's are being dispatched to later today? Names & their corresponding number please. pic.twitter.com/vOXTnDri

@TaylorMadeTour   Congratulations to all of those who guessed #638 Stuart Broad, #635 Matt Prior, #613 Jimmy Anderson & #66 Graeme Swann pic.twitter.com/VWGnIWwM

Simon Wilson

@pgatourshaftrep   New PX Black..ready for the Tour! Ask @Theprincedc what he thinks of it? #driver3wood yfrog.com/klob4fej

Brad Faxon
@BradFaxon   Anybody seen the new Tour Rat hat w circle T! @scottycameron pic.twitter.com/ulXq6cRk

Tom Boys
@Boyseygolf   Bit of practice with the new toy!!! pic.twitter.com/ad5v67N0

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges   Shining up the 246.06 for our photo shoot yfrog.com/o0wt1kwmij

@VokeyWedges   Headlights or Weight Ports? You decide: yfrog.com/o0h03npqj

@VokeyWedges   Spy shot! Coming soon to WedgeWorks. yfrog.com/nxy1uqdj

@VokeyWedges   Only the best for Vokey Wedges...we're rocking a Phase I digital back on a Sinar P2x View Cam. yfrog.com/ntlrmtgj

@VokeyWedges   "Please do not touch the $50,000 camera". Yes sir. yfrog.com/ntocbhkj

Nick Starchuk
@nickstarchuk   Sam Putt lab on the patio //lockerz.com/s/152921134

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf   Tour Issue CG16 T are essentially identical to retail other than headweights. Stay tuned for lots of custom wedge options /via @CGSrixonTour

Sarah Hurwitch
@smhgolf  Got my new @scratch_golf wedges today!! Can't wait to put them in play for @lpga q school! Thanks @waldo1895!!

@FootJoy   Day 1 at TV shoot. About 45 degrees and windy at Lacantera! pic.twitter.com/2OhfvDGX

@FootJoy   Shooting for XPS-1. pic.twitter.com/ftC4KISv

@FootJoy   Finishing up XPS-1. Setting up "big freeze!" pic.twitter.com/9vMG0uSw

@FootJoy   This could be really cool! pic.twitter.com/wV3xKWBW

@FootJoy   Even more cameras...32 in total. pic.twitter.com/4KqiES4E

@FootJoy   Club cam! pic.twitter.com/vPSBDTtd

@FootJoy   Chased by the sun, trying to perfect a plexiglass shot. pic.twitter.com/JKCCI9x4

Anna Nordqvist
@ANordqvist   I was rocking my new awesome @PUMA @PUMAGolf workout shoes in the gym today!!! :) #loveit yfrog.com/nuvmhtj

@Titleist   In last week's win, @McIlroyRory played new Titleist MB (712 Series) irons & SM4 @VokeyWedges. Here's the scoop: bit.ly/sCMEhQ

Odyssey Golf
@odysseygolf   The leader of the WGC-HSBC Champions uses an @odysseygolf Sabertooth Belly Putter. Staff Pros Jacobson, Noren and Jaidee in top-5.

Cobra Golf
@cobragolf   Trusty Rusty will be available in 3 finishes, all over pre-rust, satin w/pre-rusted scorelines & black pvd. which do u want? #inrustwetrust

@cobragolf   The Black PVD Trusty Rusty - it will rust more over time for versatility, enhanced feel & shot making #InRustWeTrust pic.twitter.com/Jq90Hv1W

@cobragolf   And here is the satin with pre-rusted scorelines #InRustWeTrust pic.twitter.com/S7A4QiY1

@cobragolf   And this is the all over pre-rusted finish! #InRustWeTrust pic.twitter.com/uzHd10Nr

@cobragolf   Like the Trusty Rusty? We are also releasing the Big Trusty Rusty, designed for maximum forgiveness #InRustWeTrust pic.twitter.com/4zt5cqQY

Hank Haney, PGA
@HankDHaney   Doesn't change loft but they will go further RT @antwan_tass: what would adding an inch and bending my 56 and 58 wedges 2*up do to the loft?

@HankDHaney   No but it feels softer RT @KJBirdieputt: @HankDHaney does a lower compression ball do that much for you when its cold?

@HankDHaney   Standard length stiff shaft RT @Scottyh28: I'm 5'8" Whats the ideal length driver I should use and type of shaft. My swing speed is 100

@HankDHaney   I prefer more bounce than less RT @Rocket_2: what is the best bounce to get for a lob wedge - 4 or 7 degs?

@HankDHaney   I think it is better RT @ryanlevene:is it better to use a heavier putter on slower greens or is that myth?

@HankDHaney   Gone, very small difference in performance but big difference in comfort RT @raydas83: r spikes gone for good and does it make a difference?

@HankDHaney   Pure Grips r guaranteed for one year, the best RT @chasyone: whats a good brand of grips and how often should you change your grips?

Whitlam Golf

@WhitlamGolfUSA   I call this. Black cherry. Deep milled face twitpic.com/7a3gw4 twitpic.com/7a3gv5 twitpic.com/7a3gw3

@WhitlamGolfUSA   Just finished this for Wayne . Gss with a deep milled face twitpic.com/7a3hji twitpic.com/7a3hj1 twitpic.com/7a3hhl

Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges   2012 WedgeWorks photo shoot! Working on a lot of new options and goodies for next year. #VokeyNation yfrog.com/h03pskwj

@VokeyWedges   New BV grips! Shhhhh... yfrog.com/ny4l0vdj

@VokeyWedges   Some killer snow stamping on the TVD 52 Black Ox yfrog.com/h8xslroxj

@VokeyWedges   Our models are so pampered! yfrog.com/hs64327834j

@VokeyWedges   Snow stamping "inside the studio". yfrog.com/kkaiphgj

@VokeyWedges   Very nice lefty special! RT @mattmil21: New wedges!!! @Titleist bit.ly/thqghD

Seve Benson
@SeveBenson   The boys helping me out yesterday in the factory! #1 manufacture in golf yfrog.com/hw5t3ij

Nike Golf
@nikegolf   Next step….Laser engraving @TigerWoods’ back up set of VR Pro Blades twitpic.com/79wmyy

Graham DeLaet
@GrahamDeLaet   Paul at Scotty Cameron putting the finishing touches on my new wands. Fun couple days in SoCal. Thx @TitleistonTour pic.twitter.com/hSGdOk1L

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf   We all know having the properly lofted wedges is important for golfers. What lofts are your wedges?

Brett Packee, PGA
@brettpackeegolf   First night or winter training using newest tool, @BenderStik. #hot twitpic.com/79zdva

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour   The Goose is in the office getting his clubs ready for 3 weeks on the road. twitpic.com/79r05o

Keith Fisher, PGA
@FishPGA   Getting ready to out my New Ping G20 Driver and FW along with my anser wedges thank @PingTour

Ping Golf

@PingTour   One advantage of dressing up as Ping Pro @bubbawatson for Halloween... You can fill an entire staff bag with candy! //yfrog.com/j23itdkj

Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf   This Never Compromise Putters Limited Edition Black Gambler Royal helped Ken Duke win the Nationwide Tour... //fb.me/yPbbaHPw

Kathleen Ekey
@KTEkey   Having a great time designing custom hats @pukkaheadwear w @MalBlackwelder @NicoleSmithGolf @vegolf @NicoleHage @lanigolf3 Brittany Johnston

Nicole Hage
@NicoleHage   Sneak peek: one of my logo'd hats @pukkaheadwear that I will pass out nxt yr and on pukka website //twitpic.com/79f7ze

@Titleist   Fifteen @NationwideTour players trust Titleist golf balls, equipment to 2012 PGA Tour cards: //bit.ly/rs2dmM #teamtitleist

Odyssey Golf
@odysseygolf   10 members of the Nationwide Tour graduating class use an @odysseygolf Putter: //bit.ly/vgQ0lR

Anna Nordqvist
@ANordqvist   I have showed my @cobragolf Clubs some love this year :) //yfrog.com/j2efgwjj

TaylorMade Golf Europe
@TaylorMadeTour   Just finished packing players balls/gloves/hats for Race to Dubai event in December. Had to guess top 60 players!! //twitpic.com/79dqof

@TaylorMadeTour   @Justinrosee99 chipping at the HSBC, did it go in Justin?? //twitpic.com/7994fe

Nike Golf
@nikegolf   New Release: VR Pro Limited Edition. Check out the photo album - //on.fb.me/vtFEvB

Graham DeLaet
@GrahamDeLaet   Off to #TPI this morning. Club fitting in the afternoon. Then Scotty Cameron studio tomorrow. Gets me excited about playing in January.

Marc Warren
@MarcWarrenGolf   “@burgheads: @MarcWarrenGolf .. What wedges do you hv in bag” 47,53 an 60 deg. 47 deg off the set an 53 an 60 hand grinds. #pure

Callaway Golf Europe
@CallawayTourSpy   Alvaro getting to grips with the pace of this week's greens at the HSBC. They are in excellent condition //twitpic.com/799lxx

Sara Dickson, PGA
@Sara_PGA   Spotted this one today. Do people always pick headcovers that fit their personalities? jk =) //twitter.com/Sara_PGA/status/131364769243471873/photo/1

Travis Mathew Apparel
@TRAVISMATHEW   Jerry is wearing some bright pants RT @JamieSadlowski Doing a little building in the Adams Tour Van with my man Jerry. //yfrog.com/kkai4hvj

Vokey Wedges

@VokeyWedges   WITB for Vokey Loyalist @bovanpelt @CIMB Classic: Vokey 252.12 (@51), 56.14 (@55), 60.07, all raw finish, Nippon x980 shafts, stamped "BO".

Brady Fennel, PGA
@TheViperPGA10   Another great pair of @FootJoy MyJoys!! Woo Pig Sooie @AR_Razorbacks!! How bout a RT?!?! //twitter.com/TheViperPGA10/status/131133172573413376/photo/1

Nike Golf
@nikegolf   And the building process continues….checking the swing weight on @TigerWoods’ back up set of VR Pro blades //twitpic.com/78ysrf

Chris Eikenberg, PGA
@ceikenberg   Just rolled n2 Huntington Beach going to @ClevelandGolf @CGSrixonTour @SrixonGolf for some fun. Hope some new wedges & irons are in the mix

Puma Golf
@PUMAGolf   This is the glove @jasonsobelGC wore on @gcmorningdrive today. It will be available on 11.15! //twitter.com/PUMAGolf/status/131105749555355648/photo/1

Chris Harder, PGA
@chrishardergolf   Even thou I'm a @Titleist staffer I'm tryin out the competitions new ball!! //twitter.com/chrishardergolf/status/131057197177257985/photo/1

Ping Golf
@PingTour   Can you top this costume? Our @PingTour follower @ols4545 dressed up as Ping pro @bubbawatson for #Halloween //twitter.com/PingTour/status/131098669343719424/photo/1

Odyssey Golf
@odysseygolf   @odysseygolf Putters have now earned 63 wins across the six major golf tours this year.

@odysseygolf   The top 3 finishers on the Nationwide Tour money list are all using an @odysseygolf Putter. Danny Lee also earned his PGA Tour card.


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