Quit Punishing Yourself - Learn to Lean it Forward

The most common thing that causes poor contact in shots around the green is the hands and wrists trying to scoop the ball in the air.  The scooping action results in punishing shots that are bladed over the green or hit fat and fall short of the target.  The scooping action of your hands and wrists causes the shaft of the club to lean away from the target at impact.  This backward leaning shaft creates a thicker sole (bounce) which makes it difficult to hit the ball solidly.  If you want to strike the ball solidly you must replace your scoop with a technique that creates a forward leaning shaft at impact. The most effective training aid for preventing your scoop and creating forward shaft lean is The Punisher.  First grip your chipping club normally; grip a second club underneath the first one down close to the hosel or Clubhead.  The second grip should now be sticking out under your left armpit.  Try keeping the second shaft away from your left side as you swing through.  During the chipping motion, if you are a scooper the extended part of the club will punish you by bumping into your side.  Instant feedback!  Be careful not to take too long of a swing.  After eliminating the scoop you will eliminate the punishing fat and thin shots from your short game.