The best chipping drills for consistency

Tom McAndrew, PGA

Problem Area: Short Game
Series: Instruction Feature

Published: Thursday, November 11, 2010 | 4:38 p.m.

The most important idea in chipping is to swing the clubhead at a descending angle, with the clubhead behind the hands. At impact, the shaft and body must be leading towards the target. The hand and wrist action should be minimal. Imagine the clubhead is shoving the ball into the ground. This action will pop the ball up. Remember, lean the body, lean the shaft, keep hands ahead and descend into the impact area.


Take your normal stand with a 7-iron, and place your right hand on your left wrist. Now, move your left shoulder, left arm, left hand and the club to a backswing position where the left arm points to 10:00 with the shaft at a 90-degree angle to your left arm. Now finish your swing. When doing so, keep your feet flat on the ground. Your backswing will feel much shorter.


Hit full wedges with the little finger and ring finger of the right hand overlapping your left hand. Move your trigger finger down the handle, and place your right thumb on the left side of the handle. This drill may help reduce the pushing of your right hand.

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