Floating golf museum ready to sail

Sea Bear Golf Museum
Photo: Courtesy Golfnewsnet.com
The Sea Bear golf museum will house several significant golf trophies and artificacts
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 | 1:49 p.m.

Golf's greatest treasures have been set adrift.

Okay, a bit melodramatic - but my pal @RyanBallangee over at GolfNewsNet.com has floated a story that I think is sure to make waves.

A Malaysian developer has set sail to a dream, a golf museum on a boat. Yes, a boat.

The name of the boat is "Sea Bear" and if you think that has any connection to the the Golden Bear; well, you'd be right. Jack Nicklaus and his wife Barbara, hand-picked 36 items from the Jack Nicklaus museum at Ohio State University to go on board the ship.

For more on the story and some of the items that can be seen on the yacht, visit here.