Golf season seems so far away for us Northeasterners after wrath of Nemo

T.J. Auclair
On Thursday, it was practically golf weather in New England (left). From the same spot on Saturday (right), not so much.

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Published: Saturday, February 09, 2013 | 4:10 p.m.


For folks in the Northeast -- this writer among them -- a rather mild
winter took a major turn with the arrival of Winter Storm Nemo on Friday
and into Saturday.
Honestly, just last week we had a near-60-degree day that had us golf junkies dusting off the clubs for what looked to be an early start to the new season. Heck, I even found the time to chip some golf balls in my back yard!
Now though, that's nothing more than a distant memory.
With Blizzard conditions throughout my home state of Rhode Island on
Friday night and into the wee hours on Saturday, as much as 3-4 inches
of snow was falling per hour. 
When all was finally said and done, about 28-30 inches of snow had fallen. Much of the state lost power (my wife and I were among the lucky ones, who never lost power) and a massive clean up is ongoing. 
My in-laws, unfortunately, lost their power at around 8 p.m. on Friday. Without electricity, their toasty, pellet stove was useless. With temperatures in the upper teens and low 20s outside overnight, it dipped as low as 54 degrees in their house. It wasn't exactly the way my mother-in-law envisioned celebrating her birthday today... then again, it was 35 years ago today that she missed out on another birthday due to the Blizzard of 1978. 
Thankfully, we received a call about 30 minutes ago. My mother-in-law reports that power has been restored. Now they can use those candles for the birthday cake!
The roads were so treacherous from the snow in nearby Massachusetts on Friday that there was a driving ban that when into effect at 4 p.m. People caught violating the ban risked facing up to one year in prison! Imagine that.
In Rhode Island this morning, we had a driving ban of our own. There's such a mess out there that the roads needed to be left empty in order for plow crews to clean.
Personally, I'm sore from head to toe after spending nearly three hours in the cold this morning. My snow-blower, shovel and I -- despite a valiant effort -- lost a battle we could never truly win to the snow and wind. Now, I sit cozy in the house, by the wood-burning stove, watching the golf from Pebble Beach while I wait for my friend to stop by with his plow.
So, what you ask, does this blog entry have to do with golf?
Well, not much, other than to say based on the conditions outside at the moment Spring can't get here soon enough!
And, for all my fellow Northeasterners -- particularly the golfers -- who weren't as lucky as us, here's to hoping you'll have power restored very soon. 
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