Golfers in Mexico save playing partner from jaws of 12-foot crocodile

Crocodiles have been a serious problem at one Cancun golf course lately.
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 | 9:10 a.m.

OK, remember not long ago when we told you the story about the New York man who -- on vacation in Mexico -- lost two fingers to a crocodile while playing golf at the Iberostar Cancun Golf Club?

Well, there was crocodile-related incident at the same place last Friday, where another golfer was attacked.'s Ryan Lavner caught the story from Scotland's Daily Record of a 58-year-old Scottish man vacationing in Cancun, who survived the attack from a massive, 12-foot crocodile.

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As the story goes, the man -- Dougie Thomson -- played a shot from a waste bunker when out of nowhere, the crocodile burst out of the bushes and sunk its teeth into Thomson's right leg.

Panicked, Thomson's playing partners acted fast. Friend Brendan O'Hara began battering the crocodile with a 9-iron. Moments later, golf buddies Gordon Victory and Martin Botwright came in to help as well. Botwright also used a golf club to beat the croc, while Victory used a golf cart to run over the beast.

When all was done, Thomson was freed, but not without battle wounds that required 200 stitches.

"My leg is a complete mess," Thomson said in the Daily Record report. "It's only by the grace of God I'm alive -- and I'm an atheist. If my friends hadn't seen what was happening, I would have just disappeared. The doctors said I'll have to think about plastic surgery. There's a huge indent on the back of my leg."

Thomson is reportedly threatening legal action against the Cancun Golf Club. Spokespeople there deny blame.

In the Daily Record report, they said there were warning signs about the crocodiles, and described them as "unique characteristics" of their course.

A spokesman said: "We deeply regret this incident and wish Mr. Thomson a speedy recovery. The safety of our clients, guests and employees has always been, and will continue to be, of paramount importance to Iberostar."

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