Nicklaus endorses Romney

Mitt Romney, Jack Nicklaus
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Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney got a Golden Bear of an endorsement in Columbus, Ohio as Jack Nicklaus hit the stump and offered his unmitigated support.

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Published: Friday, September 28, 2012 | 7:27 p.m.
Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney got one of central Ohio’s most important endorsements this week.

Jack Nicklaus went out on the stump for Romney at a Columbus, Ojio, event, and he encouraged all his native Ohioans to vote for the Republican in November.

"When I won, I certainly didn't apologize for my success," Nicklaus said in reference to one of the criticism levied toward President Obama from the Romney campaign.

"I once said that the worst thing you can do in golf is dwell on a bad shot, because it will affect your next swing," Nicklaus went on. "We are too late to change recent history, but we can write a better future for ourselves, for our children and for their children, beginning by putting Mitt Romney in the White House."



If Jack is so talented, why isn't he smart?


jack Nicklaus is a man whose character is beyond reproach. Do you think Jack Nicklaus was handed his money? He spent hours and hours and hours working his butt off to achieve success. He identifies with Romney because the two of them have a history or working hard to be successful! I know, what a crazy thought. Do me a favor and look up the date Jan 3, 2007. It was not Bush who created the economic collapse, but the Democrats - facts are facts. In the four years under obama what have we achieved? $6T in additional dept, gas prices have doubled, unemployment at 7.9%, 16M more people on food stamps. Yeah, you're right, obama is a much better choice...


Another rich, white guy endorses Romney. It is no wonder that Romney is concerned about jobs in America, he hasn't had a job in five and a half years (he was last employed as governor of Massachusetts in January 2007). Yes, he has been unemployed for almost six years. Despite having an estimated $200,000,000, he hasn't opened a company and employed anyone in these difficult economic times.


You mean the old, rich white guy who grew up in country clubs endorsed the other old rich white guy who grew up in country clubs? There's a shock.


I admire Jacj Nicolas and his achiements in golf but obviously he knows nothing of politics.