U.S. soccer uniforms criticized for looking like golf shirts

U.S. men's soccer jersey
Courtesy of U.S. Soccer
Saying that the new U.S. Soccer jerseys look like golf shirts is a compliment, not a criticism.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Tuesday, March 04, 2014 | 7:15 p.m.
U.S. Soccer and Nike unveiled the uniforms that the men's national team will wear in the World Cup this summer in Rio de Janeiro as well as in other matches. Haters began instantly hating on the jerseys because they look like – the horror! – golf shirts.
"The verdict is unanimous: The top looks like a golf shirt," Brooks Peck wrote on Yahoo's Dirty Tackle soccer blog
"Even the Associated Press went with the headline 'New US World Cup jersey looks like golf shirt' for their report on the matter," Peck noted. But, he added, "this look is just as traditional for the pitch as it is for the golf course."
Andrew Das, an editor who focuses on soccer and other international sports at The New York Times, quipped on Twitter that the new jersey "will also work for the Ryder Cup team," and added the hashtag "#golfshirt". He later tweeted this: "Any truth to rumor that Ukraine backed out "after seeing USMNT's fearsome new all-white kit? #FearTheGolfShirt."
Soccer fan Jordan Robbins hopped on Twitter to opine that "The new USMNT jerseys are awful. @Nike assumes we won't make it out of the group so they made it a golf shirt."
Deadspin also got in on the criticism, as writer Barry Petchesky called the jersey a "bland, golf shirt-looking" thing and noted that reaction "has not been kind." The one saving grace, he said, is that, with the all-white shirt, shorts and socks, maybe the team "will have the last laugh when it hits 100" in Brazil.
As a long-time and dedicated golf shirt wearer, I have to laugh at all this. Golf shirts are great – they're comfortable, versatile and good-looking. And many of the modern versions are so awesome that they actively help you keep cool and comfy even when it's stinkin' hot outside. As far as I'm concerned, the only bad golf shirt is one I don't have yet.
I might just buy one of these babies to show my support. If you'd like one, too, here's where to go get it. And if that New York Times guy has you thinking about a Ryder Cup shirt, you can get yours right here. Unlike the soccer jerseys, there's no question that they look great.