"Warehouse 13" slanders Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones escaped from the bunker in this photo, but didn't fare so well in the sand at the 1921 British Open.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, August 09, 2012 | 1:47 a.m.

To wind down from the last of my pre-PGA Championship duties on Wednesday night, I caught up on this week’s episode of the SYFY show “Warehouse 13.” As usual, the story dealt with Secret Service agents in hot pursuit of missing “artifacts” – famous items that somehow possess superpowers. One of the missing artifacts in this episode was the bag of golf clubs that Bobby Jones used in the 1921 British Open.

As golf historians know, the 1921 British Open at St. Andrews was perhaps the low point of Jones’ competitive career. During the third round, he got so frustrated that, after struggling to get out of a bunker on the 11th hole, he simply picked up his ball and walked back to the clubhouse. Jones was well-known for his temper in those early years of his career, and he later said that quitting in the middle of his round was “the most inglorious failure of my golfing life.”

On “Warehouse 13,” however, one of the agents said that Jones “threw his clubs all over the green.” That, by all accounts, never happened.

If the show played fast and loose with golf history, it had some good fun with Jones’ clubs later in the episode. After they were tracked down, agent Artie Nelson, played by Saul Rubinek, wound up swinging Jones’ 9-iron around like a “Star Wars” light saber because whoever held the 9-iron was inexplicably filled with rage. And at the end of the episode, the bag was returned to the warehouse, where it was stored next to the drum set of the equally hot-tempered Buddy Rich because, one of the agents said, “their energy ought to cancel each other out.”