Best winter golf destinations | A Quick Nine

Florida Golf
Photo: The PGA of America
Golf in Florida is hard to beat - especially when the weather turns cold up North.
By John Kim

Series: A Quick Nine - Seagrams

Published: Thursday, November 14, 2013 | 12:59 p.m.

As cold weather descends upon much of the country, golfers in those regions are not ready to shelve the clubs. Not even close. So we do what we always do....we ask you, the world's most knowledgeable golfers, to provide fellow golfers on where they can go to still tee it up and enjoy this greatest of games. As always, your ideas were spot on.

So without further are the best places, as determined by YOU, on where golfers can go to continue enjoying golf over the next few months.

9. Dubai. We did ask for U.S. destinations but the images of t.v. and the reputation of this Middle Eastern gem had a few of you still advocating hard for this golf mecca.

Jacqueline Wood: Yas Links Golf Club in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, weather has cooled down nicely to mid 30's during the day and a cool 20C at night

8. San Francisco. Though considered northern California, San Francisco's climate can range from cool to perfect, rarely ever "too cold." And with many of the greatest golf courses in the world (and a short drive to Monterey and their spectacular courses) - this destination would give you one of the great golf trips found anywhere.

John Kobuchi: I live in San Francisco, as long as it's not snowing on any of the courses within a few hours of me, why go anywhere else? Rain, fog, really dense fog, wind, clouds, or sunshine...means I golf in either in rain gear, layers, or shorts!

7. Hawaii. Come on, it's Hawaii. Can't say too much more.

John Cassin: Hawaii. Great golf. Beautiful views, predictable weather.

Robert Lilly: maui the very best !!!!

Anthony Jerome Valverde: Oahu. Turtle Bay. BirdieMe. That's where I'll be!

6. Los Angeles. Southern California is blessed with some of the best weather found anywhere. Oh, and its golf courses are incredible. And the food. And the beaches. And the people. And the....

Tim McCreary: 91 degrees in L.A. Today, Nov 13...question answered

5. Oregon. It might get a little cold and windy - but why not try a place that offers 1.) four top championship courses 2.) superb accomodations 3.) great value this time of year and 4.) battling the elements is part of the expected experience. Knock that item off your bucket list by visiting this iconic venue.

Craig Ward: Bandon Dunes Golf Resort any time

4. Arizona. The desert southwest offers scenery, climate, culture and some amazing layouts.

Kim Hastert: ARIZONA.

Mikaela Livengood: Legacy Golf Resort in Arizona!

3. Florida. They don't call it the Sunshine State for nothing. Where in Florida? Well, does it matter? You really can't pick a bad spot for golf in the state.

Andrew Silva: Besides Florida. It's 75 here today and gorgeous

Jennifer Walker Gillis: Key West Golf Club. Southernmost golf course in US. Not to mention not far from Duval Street!

2. Myrtle Beach. Perhaps the nation's most visited golf destination, don't worry about crowds, they have plenty of courses there to accomodate you.

Linda McCormack: Myrtle Beach - specifically "The Glens Golf Resort"!! Warm enough to golf without sweating and cool enough to keep the crowds away so there is no pace of play problems or hard to find tee times!!!! Can't wait to go back!!

Jason Edward: Newsome Myrtle Beach, SC... Mild temps and a 100+ course to choose from!

1. Las Vegas. There's golf in Las Vegas? Ha, just kidding. There is awesome golf in Las Vegas. And shows, restaurants, shopping and a few casinos to boot. Great prices, typically great weather will be waiting for you.

Bob Bransdon: Without doubt the greater Phoenix AZ area and /or Las Vegas. There are rarely any days in those locations where you are unable to play golf all year round. They are also preferred locations for snowbirds every year. I have played with a number of people who spend winter in Vegas to beat the cold and play golf. 



I also live in LA and have to agree with Duke2001 here. I would put Palm Springs in this list way before Los Angeles!
There are some great courses in LA if you want to drive but the quality is infinitely better in PS.


Actually I live in LA, and the *public* golf courses here aren't that great - unless you want to spend most of your time in the car driving to the different areas. Private courses are another story - so if you can get on at Riviera, LA CC and Bel Air, this is the spot - all are within a few miles of each other.