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What's your 2014 golf goal or resolution?
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What's your 2014 golf goal or resolution?
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 | 8:54 a.m.

With the flip of the calendar and a new year upon us, it's a clean slate -- a fresh start. Why not apply that mentality to your golf game?

Surely you've heard time and again how beneficial just having a positive attitude can be on the course. It's the truth. We know a lot of folks around these parts set goals for their respective golf games for the new year -- golf resolutions, if you will.

For this week's, "A Quick Nine," feature, we reached out to our amazing 215,000+ friends in Facebook Nation (click here to join the masses!) and asked you to share with us your golf goals/resolutions for 2014.

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We figured by getting them in writing, we can hold each other accountable. As is usually the case, we received plenty of great answers. Below you'll find nine of the best.

If you want to see all the goals/resolutions submitted -- or if you'd like to add your own -- click here.

Here are some of your golf goals/resolutions for 2014:

9. "As a recent retiree my goal is to get hired at my local course as a starter/ranger so I can interact with even more golfers and make their experiences on the course even better." -- Mike Osterbur

8. "To play many more golf with my son who is 7. Also to play Pine Valley (A guy can dream)." -- Tony Schmidtner

7. "Play more, have fun doing it and break 90." -- Eric Burney

6. "I just want to play again. I have two diabetic heel ulcers on one foot that prevent me from doing so. I hope to get back to it sometime this spring." -- Scott Freese

5. "Started working out. Physical fitness is important to golfers as much as it is to other athletics." -- Nick Grover

4. "My goals: when in trouble I will THINK before taking on a shot. I will diligently work on various chip and pitch shots and most important, no matter what happens with the club during the take away, I will complete the swing and weight transfer. Little to full will become my mantra." -- Dale Alsandor

3. "My 2014 Golf Resolution has to be hitting more greens in regulation. It's hard to make birdies when you're chipping from off the green." -- Brent Beckman

2. "To speed up play and improve I propose this -- Develop a short but consistent pre-shot routine that can begin as other players in your group are hitting their shots." -- Troy Sausaman

1. "Just started playing this past summer. I've been doing winter drills to help my skills. I'd really like to get my game down into the mid 80s in 2014! Develop a handicap, and get it below 10 by summer '15. That's a tough, but doable goal I'm setting for myself." -- William Metheny

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