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Gearing Up for the Golf Season

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Satisfaction of sinking that first long putt of the new golf season.
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Published: Friday, March 14, 2014 | 10:19 p.m.

Although it is still cold outside, spring is just around the corner, less than two weeks away.  So many golfers have yet to strike their first drive of 2014.  Like kids during the holiday season, golfers are chomping at the bit, just waiting for that first tee time.  As you think about the new season and begin to prepare, don’t go it alone.  Bring an expert along and watch those scores quickly acquire summer-like form.  Find a PGA or LPGA golf professional in your area who will help you get ready for your best season yet.

This post is about your equipment, the tools of your game.  Work with the PGA or LPGA Professional, making sure your clubs are in order and ready to produce lower scores.  Begin with your grips.  Unless your grips or clubs are new, ask the Pro to replace them.  They will make certain the new grips are the correct size for your hands.  Larger hands require a thicker grip, while small hands need a thin grip in order to produce the necessary hand action.

Next, have the Pro check the loft and lie of your irons.  This is critical in order to assure proper distance and direction for each club, with every good swing.  Tour Professionals have this done on a very regular basis.  Have it done now, and again at mid-season.  It is an essential piece in achieving your goals as a golfer.

If you are about to replace clubs in your bag, your PGA LPGA Professional will work with you on the right 13 clubs for your game.  They will make sure the distance gapping in your set from your fairway metals through the wedges are consistent.  Again, another vital aspect in lowering scores and having fun!

Finally, a few lessons with the Pro, will reinforce great basics, produce a game plan, and help you nail that mid-season confidence, just in time to watch those last drifts melt away.  Plan on a great golf year, and remember to bring along an expert, your local PGA or LPGA Golf Professional.