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PGA Junior League Golf Takes the Country by Storm

PGA of America
PGA Junior League Golf players gain firsthand experience in the benefits of teamwork.
Frank Chieppa, PGA

Series: Youth Golf

Published: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 | 11:15 p.m.

As a longtime golfer, I have witnessed many things on the golf course that made me smile from ear to ear, as well as scratch my head wondering what just happened.  Today I witnessed something at the golf course that I had never seen before and trust it is happening all over the country.   

It occurred during a practice session for a course’s PGA Junior League Golf team.  As part of the practice, team members were working on their skills through a series of drills and other repetitive challenges.  What took me by surprise was even though a PGA Golf Professional was always present working with each of the team members, a couple of the fellow players were taking time out of their own practice to offer suggestions, tips and course management ideas to other teammates.  Now, while this doesn’t sound outlandish, keep in mind that a typical PGA Junior League Golf team is made up of player ages 9-13 years of age and at this age in any sport, mentoring is typically done by an adult.  What makes this so unique?  We’ve all been on the course before having a hard day and it’s certainly not uncommon for a friend to offer some free advice.  But at the junior level, I haven’t seen that type of behavior exhibited before.  

So, why the change, and what has led to this shift?  The growth of PGA Junior League Golf teams around the country has taken scores of kids to the golf course and placed them on teams; competing with and against other juniors of all skill levels of golf.  Is there a better way to teach the younger set the lifelong values of honesty and patience than through the game of golf?  I don’t think so and it seems as if kids and their parents agree.  

With that, I urge you to check out www.pgajrleaguegolf.com to see who in your area is offering teams and witness for yourself the positive impact team golf will have on a child in your life.