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25 Years in the Game: Brett Gorney, PGA

By Brett Gorney, PGA
Published on

What a cool, humbling and awesome honor to get elected into the PGA of America Quarter Century Club.
It’s pretty crazy to think that for half of my life, I’ve been a Class A PGA Professional. Crazier to think I'll be 50 in a couple weeks.
From starting out loading carts and scrubbing wrenches as an outside service team member - to running tee sheets, scoring tournaments and selling merchandise as an Assistant Profesional - to giving lessons at driving ranges, indoor studios, on cruise ships, online and on the course as a golf instructor & coach - to running golf simulators and team building experiences through my company - Mobile Golf Events - this game of golf has provided me with a life full of employment, growth, learning and great adventures all over the world.
The majority of my career has been spent serving in Atlanta and as a member with the Georgia PGA Section. But golf has given me great opportunities to serve in New York, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Hong Kong and Australia and even in the Caribbean on a cruise ship.  
God blessed me with the gift of a dad - Dan Gorney - who taught me the game at a young age. Fortunately God also gave me the gift of growing into a decent player and learning how to be an effective teacher. But the greatest gift and blessings have been the relationships I've made because of this great game.
Golf really is the greatest game.  It levels the playing field by humbling us all. I’ve had the great privilege of meeting, teaching & playing with some of the world’s most famous athletes, musicians and business leaders. That’s all great, but honestly it’s the ‘Average Joe or Jane Golfer’ who is always the most fun to connect with.! Getting to learn more of their stories while spending time together gives me the opportunity to offer a word of encouragement, an uplifting prayer along with a swing or short game tip!  But it’s these little divine appointments that have made this journey all worthwhile. 
It’s also part of the story which has led me to where I am today in the golf industry - leading SERVANTEE - a nonprofit that connects golfers to serve others and live with greater purpose.  If you don't know about it…. connect with me so I can share more.
There are a good bunch of fellow PGA Professionals and other great people I need to thank for giving me opportunities to grow, work, and continually be encouraged along the way.
So Thank You - Pat Gavin, Tom Wilcox, Tom Smack, Dave Donachie, Ric Kunnert, Joseph Assell, Jeff Parks, Raymond Roessel, Steve Bauerle, Tony Rowe, Martin Chuck, Stacey Chuck, Wally Armstrong, Bill Dando, Larry Green, Kevin Latty, Dr. Randy Ross, Scott Lehman, Dalton Melnyk, Jason Hall, Jim Vinyard, Brian O'Neil, Peter Saunders, Drew Walston and my mom.
Also thank you to our leadership team of the PGA of America - John Lindert, PGA, Don Rea, PGA, and Nathan Charnes, PGA - Onward and Upward.
Here's to 25 more years!