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3 Tips to Fine Tune Your Golf Game Indoors this Offseason

By Leighton Smith, PGA
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Depending where you live you may feel like your off season training is limited due to weather. If you're lucky, you don't use “golf” and “off season” in the same sentence. Either way the winter months can be a great way to get dialed in and it doesn't require a significant investment.
1. Film your Practice Swings
It’s common these days to film yourself hitting balls and pulling out your inner Butch
Harmon spirit animal to critique your own swing. However, filming your practice swing allows you to evaluate the FEEL versus the REAL.
The question is, can you feel and exaggerate your desire swing change without a ball? If so, then you know you are making positive reps! If you just film yourself hitting shot after shot it's likely you wont see much change. Take your time and trust your practice swings!
2. Find a local Indoor Range
Golf is booming. More and more indoor golf centers are opening up. You may have to make a drive to find one but once you do you can start to quantify your game. This means you can finally track those yardages you've been curious about or even see your swing on video while throwing down some chicken tenders. Hard to go wrong there, right?
3. Get Lessons or a Good Putting Mat
If you're looking to improve over the winter your best bet is finding a PGA Professional
with a great reputation. I highly recommend starting out with one session.
Don’t leap for that 10 pack without knowing if you jive with the pro. Invest in one lesson and take it from there. If you don’t want to throw cash around for a lesson you could consider
purchasing a putting mat. There are so many out there. Follow the reviews and then roll
those putts in night after night while dreaming of that “to win The Masters” putt. Good