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5 Quick Drills to Work on Your Game

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Perfect for when the course is backed up or your buddies are running late, try one of these quick drills to work on your game when you have couple extra minutes.
These 5 simple drills from our PGA Coaches are quick and easy ways to spend a few minutes before your tee time and will help you work on your footwork, strategy, impact and more so you'll be ready to go low when you get out on the course.
If you love these tips, be sure to connect with a PGA Coach in your area for even more game-changing drills.
1. Find the perfect grip for your swing
2. Do the two step for better alignment.
3. Use an extra ball and learn to fade it like JT.
4. Grab an alignment stick and dial in your short game.
5. Start the round off right mentally.

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