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6 Daily Mobility Exercises to Prepare Your Body

By Brandon Gaydorus
Published on

John Catlin stretches at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open at Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort.Getty Images

If you find yourself stiff when waking up in the morning, barely able to move after sitting at the office all day, or consistently having to end the golf season early due to nagging injuries. It’s safe to say that you’re not abnormal if any of these are common complaints, or for hoping that you don’t tweak your back after the first swing at the range.
Golf is a dynamic sport, forcing your body to absorb and adapt to the stress of a repetitive swing reaching speeds for many of 100 mph plus, or in Bryson’s case speeds over 125 mph!
The human body moves in three planes of motion: Sagittal (Forward & Back), Frontal (Side to-Side), and Transverse (Rotational). If any of these movements lack mobility the body will have tendencies to overcompensate, leading to increased chances of stiffness and injuries.
I say this all to say that the key with staying healthy is to move well and move often. So, here’s six daily mobility exercises (Three for your lower, three for your upper) that you can do at home or before you play to make sure your body is primed to move in each plane of motion both on and off the course!
  • Hamstring Floss – 8 Each Side (Lower Body – Sagittal Plane)
    Supine Side-to-Side Leg Sweeps – 8 Each Side (Lower Body – Frontal Plane)
  • Supine Hip External Rotations – Hold for 15 Seconds Each Side (Lower Body – Transverse Plane)
  • Supine Pelvic Tilts – 8 Each Way (Upper Body – Sagittal Plane)
    Side-Lying Open Books – 8 Each Side (Upper Body – Transverse Plane)
  • Half-Kneeling Quad Pull with Overhead Reach – 15 Second Hold Each Side (Upper Body – Frontal Plane)