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A Look Back at the PGA Show Over the Years

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As we get amped up for the upcoming 2022 PGA Show this week, we'd like to take a look back to see how far the golf industry has progressed and all the good times we've had.
You never know what you'll see and who you will run into at the PGA Show and it sure is fun to see the difference in style, equipment and technology as you go through the years. So take a scroll down memory lane and see some of the incredible moments through the years at the PGA Show.
The early days (1955)
Just 20 years ago (2002)
A place where the golf industry can collaborate (2008)
See the latest in golf fashion (2008)
With all types of brands in attendance (2009)
And you can try them out at the demo center (2009)
Can even find a huge Rickie Fowler (2015)
And baseball star Ken Griffey Jr. (2015)
It's a place to learn the latest trends (2015)
And watch incredible swings (2016)
Have fun with friends (2016)
There are even mascots (2017)
Live TV (2017)
And the chance to learn from legends (2017)
Might even be able get an autograph (2018)
While keeping up with the hottest new things (2018)
And experience this incredible practice area (2019)
Hear from The Golden Bear (2019)
Maybe even meet your hero (2019)
Learn from all types of golfers (2020)
And even NFL players (2020)
And maybe run into some long drivers (2020)
Or those with a need for speed (2020)
You just never know who or what you'll see at the PGA Show (2020)
We can't wait for the 2022 PGA Show.