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A Post-Shot Routine Will Help You Lower Your Scores on the Golf Course

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Many golfers focus on their pre-shot routine, but PGA Coach Blake Jirges says that a post-shot routine can be just as effective in lowering your scores on the golf course.
The 10 seconds following each shot are crucial in processing information from club selection to swing execution, assessing that information and moving on to the next shot.
Creating an effective post-shot routine will help prevent you from compounding mistakes when they happen — and they're bound to happen — but it will also help focus on the positives as well.
As golfers, we can learn just as much from the positive outcomes instead of just always trying to make corrections when we hit bad shots. A solid post-shot routine will only help you focus.
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Blake Jirges


Director of Player Development

Coto De Caza, CA

Blake Jirges is a professional golf coach who gets students to maximize their potential at Coto de Caza Golf Academy. Blake works with committed clients that want to get results and long term change rather than giving the typical golf lesson; constant struggle with changing your swing, no accountability and no consistent communication. He is different and is the complete opposite of your typical instructor. Blake genuinely enjoys each relationship and guides each player on its own individual journey to playing the best golf of their life. Blake understands the importance of long term development and can see results shift immediately. Immediately you ask? Yes! We have seen results change within a few sessions with all skill levels. Blake will lead you down a path that goes from point A to point Z in his long term development plan that is customized to you. He works on all skills of the game, focuses on you and your current struggles. Everyone has struggles in their development and Blake gets the struggles you have and flip them on its head. He makes you better understand your game especially when he coaches you on the golf course. The on course component is the main ingredient to our results based coaching platform. This is where the magic happens! The results are in all the students and Blake is the perfect person to bring them out. When Blake isn’t at the course, working towards his players goals, he is with his beautiful family. Adventuring with his wife Cailee and two little girls, Adeline (2) and Juliette (1). They are often heading to Disneyland, finding new places to dine or going on long walks along the Fullerton hills where he resides. 2023 CA Teacher and Coach Hall of Fame Member 2023-2024 Golf Digest Best Young Teachers and Best In State (CA) 2022 SCPGA Teacher and Coach of the Year 2022 SCPGA Metro Chapter Teacher and Coach of the Year 2022-2023 PGA Game Changer of the Year Award 2020-2023 GRAA Top 100 Teachers 2018 US Kids Top 50 Master Teacher 2016-2017 US Kids Top 50 Teacher