aboutGOLF Partners with Ryder Cup to Create Exciting New Simulator Competition

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You’ve heard aboutGOLF simulators mentioned by trusted industry professionals like Michael Breed, Luke Elvy, Gary Gray, and Lou Guzzi, but have you heard about their latest simulator tournaments taking place at an aboutGOLF simulator near you?
The Ryder Cup SIM Series powered by aboutGOLF will combine stroke play and classic Ryder Cup venues with the most authentic, indoor tee-to-green experience. Fans of the Ryder Cup can step into any aboutGOLF simulator and see how their skills measure up to the legends. Participants will have the opportunity to compete on six past and future Ryder Cup venues across the United States and Europe: Hazeltine National, Le Golf National (L’Albatros), Gleneagles, The Ocean Course, Bethpage Black, and Whistling Straits.
Players have through the end of March to qualify through the first round. To find a simulator near you, download the aG Locker mobile app or visit aboutGOLF’s website.
Luke Elvy, VP of Media at aboutGOLF and renowned broadcaster, has broadcasted the last two Ryder Cups. He says it’s the greatest broadcasting experience of his career, and he believes that the Ryder Cup is the best sports event in the world.
“It’s all that is great about team golf with a football atmosphere thrown in,” said Elvy.
The Ryder Cup SIM Series is a multi-stage tournament, culminating in the winning team flying out to enjoy the 43rd Ryder Cup and compete for a chance to win an aG Curve, their top-of-the-line premium golf simulator. When we were working on the Ryder Cup SIM Series concept, Elvy was all in.
“In all my years associated with the game of golf, be it as a participant or broadcaster, this is without a doubt the best competition outside of major tours I have ever seen. To win your way to a Ryder Cup is an incredible prize, but to have the opportunity to win the best simulator in the world is the reason why this is next-level stuff.”
The series consists of three stages, beginning a series of two Qualifiers followed by the traditional Match between twenty-four players in the traditional Ryder Cup fashion. The winning team will be given access to a VIP experience at the 43rd Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits in Kohler, WI, competing in an aboutGOLF simulator at the event to determine the Ryder Cup Sim Series champion.
If you think Luke Elvy is excited about the tournament, you should hear from our customers.
"It's so insane even to think that aboutGOLF is putting on something like this. To have the chance to play for a trip to Whistling Straits to watch the Ryder Cup—and then a shot at winning an aG Curve? Even if you don't win the trip or the simulator, experiencing a format that's never been done is an amazing opportunity," said Ralph Spevere, one of our top aG Tour leaders.
“I've played over two hundred rounds in the Ryder Cup SIM Series Round One Qualifier. I can't get enough of it.” Spevere's friends ask why he keeps trying to post lower scores in the competition since he has already secured a spot in the top ten. His answer is simple. "You know me, I'm hooked on golf and the aboutGOLF RyderCup SIM Series competition keeps me coming back for more."
Elvy adds, “The rendering of these six Ryder Cup courses that aboutGOLF has are second to none. I particularly love having all the grandstands and chalets featured prominently on the course. It truly makes you fille like you’re trying to qualify for the Ryder Cup.”
High praise from someone who has broadcasted from most, if not all, of these venues.
For more about the Ryder Cup SIM Series or other aG Tours, visit their website or follow aboutGOLF on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.