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Wyatt Worthington II, PGA is In It to Win It.

By Abby Parsons, PGA
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Wyatt Worthington II

Wyatt Worthington II, PGA, out of The Golf Depot in Gahanna, Ohio, will make his second PGA Championship appearance this week, as a Team of 20 Member, at Southern Hills Country Club. Ask his coach Gerry Hammond what Worthington’s goal is this week, and he will say “To win. That’s what the goal has to be.”
“Any course can fit Wyatt,” Hammond said, “ he will adapt to the conditions at hand.” 
Worthington works on his game year round, no matter the conditions in Ohio. He will travel south for the winter, and the two maintain a long-distance, coach-player relationship. The pair utilize video to work out kinks when needed, but Hammond stresses the importance of a strong mental game more than anything. “What we did differently from the last PGA [Championship] to now is prepare mentally. We have to get ready and gear up for that stage.”
And what is that mental strategy going to be? No second guessing. “Wyatt told me that Plan B is going to be Plan A, and I like that mindset,” Hammond said. Worthington learned a lot from his time at the 2016 PGA Championship, and now he is ready to commit to his game and every shot he hits at Southern Hills.. 
“His swing is solid, he’s been working a lot on short-game and I think it’s going to show,” said Hammond. “Sometimes he can get a little steep, so we are just working on shallowing out  his swing… that’s all.”
Keeping it simple. Just what Wyatt Worthington II needs going into his second PGA Championship. “Anyone can put the winning numbers up, it’s just a matter of who does it. And it can be Wyatt.”
Gerry Hammond has a lot of confidence in Worthington, and it is not just because of his golf swing. “His mental game is the strongest part of his overall game.” With the goal of winning, Hammond says it has to be the goal. 
“If you fall just short of this goal, you still did pretty darn good.”
Keep an eye out for Wyatt Worthington II. He is playing to win.