Best sights and sounds from the PGA Merchandise Show floor

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Carly Grenfell | PGA of America

The PGA Merchandise Show is a truly magnificent beast that’s probably best positioned in a 300-page novel, but we’ll save that endeavor for another time. 
In the interim, here’s the next best thing — our favorite sights & sounds from the PGA Merchandise Show floor starts now!
If you’re a fan of old-school comic books, then you would be a very big fan of this jacket from Jack Bunny.
Hailey, meet Ryder. Ryder, meet Hailey.
When you’re walking around all day, you sometimes just need to take a break. And some desk-sized corn hole is the perfect way to check out.
It turns out that all hands don’t quite fit as neatly as we’d like into small, medium and large. 
Hailey got a first-hand look at their newest glove that actually fits comfortably to your hand instead of your hand having to jam into a small glove.
It was chilly in Orlando all week. But that didn’t stop Hailey from putting on a VR set and transporting to somewhere a little warmer. Hello, Maui!
Some would say that the good ol’ hockey game is the best game you can name (Hailey might as a big hockey fan). 
We think it’s golf, but we’re glad both were under the same roof at the Convention Center. 
Golf truly is for everyone, and Adaptive Golf is proof positive that you can overcome any obstacle to get out and enjoy this beautiful game.
Driving ranges are great to hone your game and make sure your swing is in peak form. But golf courses aren’t completely flat. This sloped training aid is a wonderful product that helps you learn how to handle those uneven lies.
Hailey had some fun (and a bit of frustration, too) trying to make a putt on this ingenious putt wall— sure to test your frustration level.
But no matter how many putts you made or missed testing out new equipment, you can’t leave the show until you can walk off on a make. 
Again, a big special thank you to Hailey Hunter, our host for the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show. You’ve probably seen some of Hailey’s work with the LPGA over the past few years, and you’re sure to see much more of her golf coverage in the years to come. Follow Hailey on Instagram!