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Bionic Gloves, Golf & Louisville: The Perfect Trio

By Randy Stutzman
Published on

It’s May, and Louisville, Kentucky, is firmly in the center of the sports universe. First, the Kentucky Derby. 
And now . . . the PGA Championship.
So, to celebrate the 2024 PGA returning to Valhalla Golf Club, May 13-19, it’s time to discover the performance benefits of Louisville’s premium golf brand, Bionic Gloves.
"At Bionic Gloves we take pride in creating gloves that take your comfort and performance to the next level. Our gloves are specially designed with patented innovations that transform our products into a piece of performance equipment," says Stephen Benoit, the Director of Bionic Gloves, which is based in Louisville. "In the world of golf, players are in a never-ending pursuit for performance advantages, and at Bionic Gloves I can confidently say that we offer a product that no one else on the market can match.
"We offer the golfer a distinct advantage in distance, comfort, and durability. Once you put one on and play with it, you will understand why Bionic Gloves are the best golf gloves on the market."
Backed by science, designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist, Bionic Gloves’ technology is totally unique in the marketplace. The difference is found in the design based on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics. Bionic Gloves is also a division of Hillerich and Bradsby Co., an American sporting legacy that creates the iconic Louisville Slugger baseball bats.
Between the science-infused technology and being part of a historic Louisville company, Bionic hits it out of the park with their offering.
“With its roots in Louisville, Bionic Gloves is the perfect brand to partner with at Valhalla for the 2024 PGA Championship,” says Rob Smith, General Manager of PGA Digital. “We will help showcase to our digital audience what makes them unique in the golf glove marketplace.”
So, get ready to improve your golf game with the superior fit and feel of Bionic Gloves. Learn more and find the right fit for you here. Use promo code PGA2024 for 25 percent off! Click here to browse Bionic Golf Gloves.