A Near Death Experience Sparked a Golf Obsession and Journey to the Nextgengolf City Tour Championship for Boris Nesterchuk

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A motorcycle accident nearly killed Boris Nesterchuk.
Now just two years later, Nesterchuk and his team will travel from New York City to Kiawah Island for the Nextgengolf City Tour Championship Dec. 4-6.
Nesterchuk was involved in a head-on collision with a vehicle in 2018, suffering a collapsed lung, splenic lacerations, broken bones, and was put in a medically-induced coma.
The accident led to a renewed love and obsession for the game that was in part inspired by one of the great golfers of all time.
“While I was bedridden watching Tiger Woods overcome injuries and return to the game of golf at the highest level, it inspired me to get back into the game of golf better than ever.”
Not able to do much in the first couple of months, he picked up a putter and started to go through the motions. He became obsessed, not only with playing better but developing a better understanding of the game as well.
He used golf as a way to work through recovery and ultimately fell in love with the game and competing. It culminated with the ability to play full rounds of golf again and his involvement in a series of City Tour tournaments. Nesterchuk won a medalist pair in the scramble format of the first New York qualifier earlier this year.
With players coming from all over the country, teams are constructed of local groups of friends as well as those who have met during City Tour tournaments and have continued to play together all the way to the championship.
Golf has always been a way to bring people together and the field for this year's championship is a great example of that.