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Bring the kids along

By Jack Dillon
Published on
A parent child at Sunset

A parent child at Sunset

During the 1960’s, I was one of the fortunate kids that fell in love with golf because of a caddie program at a local, private club. From the 1930’s through the 1980’s, organized caddie programs brought many boys and girls to the game but because of today’s reliance on the golf cart, caddie programs are few and far between. Young people are the future of the game, So how do we encourage them to play? Bring them along with you!
Think about it: when you introduce your child to the game at the course, they get the true feel and sense of what golf is about. Just bringing your child with you for nine holes in the evening can help develop a new golfer and a lifetime twosome between the parent and child.
While at the golf course
  • Introduce your child to the PGA or LPGA Professional
  • Learn more about their junior clinic offerings
  • Consider PGA Junior League Golf, a fun, social and inclusive introduction to the game for kids 13 and under
  • Consider PGA Junior Golf Camps, which offer full immersion in the game within an encouraging environment
A few visits to the club with you and one of their friends might help your child decide if he or she wants to learn the game. Being a lifetime sport, golf not only keeps you active, but it can also enhance and strengthen relationships by building the game into your family activities. Working with your local PGA or LPGA Professional will make the game more enjoyable for each of you. Introducing your kids to the game just might improve even more than your handicap.
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