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Celebrating International Women's Day With the Women Who Run Golf

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In honor of International Women's Day, we asked several women working in golf who inspires them, why they love the game and how they hope to shape the sport for future generations.

"It's been exciting and rewarding to work my entire career in the golf business, from learning from experienced female PGA of America Golf Professionals and industry leaders, to now my my current position teaching and mentoring aspiring Golf Professionals. I get to interact with more women entering the golf industry than ever before, and their talent, ambition and intelligence is shining bright."
— Debbie Foley, PGA
"Working in golf as a woman means being part of a growing legacy. It's about changing the narrative, inspiring the next generation, and proving that golf is a sport for everyone."
— Abby Cowen
"I’m proud to be a woman working in the golf industry because I feel like I have the opportunity to help shape the future of the sport. The traditions that come with golf have gotten us to where we are today, but the innovative ways to play and continued commitment to inclusiveness is what excites me the most about what’s next for this great game."
— Laura Frick, PGA
"For me, golf is the mechanism by which I can give back. The golf industry is one of the most philanthropic industries in the world, and I’m driven by a desire to make a difference for the military community. I spend my days finding ways to use our sport to change the lives of Veterans, and I couldn’t be more honored."
— Brandy Cain
"Working in the golf industry, I have been fortunate enough to be in positions where people are watching my every move. And even though that may sound daunting, it’s actually an extraordinary opportunity. It’s difficult to prove yourself to others if no one is watching. But more importantly, girls and women of all ages are looking at you and thinking, “if she can do it, maybe I can do it, too.” There are not many things in this world that mean more to me than that."
— Caroline Riggs
"I love that I get to play a small part in shaping the game for future generations. So much has changed since I started playing golf as a kid and its exciting to see the progress."
— Kristi Egnot, PGA Associate
"The game of golf holds a special place in my heart, and being able to work within this industry is a genuine blessing. What I cherish most about working in golf is the opportunity to experience breathtaking golf courses, forge meaningful connections, and be part of a lifelong sport. Transforming my passion into a career has been an incredible journey, and I am truly grateful to do so with the PGA of America."
— Erin Sargent, PGA
"Working in golf means I can help individuals from all backgrounds and abilities discover the joys of the game. I can illuminate the pathways for them to come into the sport, the golf industry workforce, or the supply chain. Golf has transformational powers and the sport is for everyone."
— Sandy Cross
"While being a woman in the golf industry has its challenges, it also has opened a lot of doors for me. I've made many wonderful connections and have been given opportunities to be a part of some neat projects including helping run the National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Championships."
— Andrea Ries, PGA
"I love showing future generations of women that anything is possible, and that women have a place in the sports world working side-by-side with others from any gender, race, ethnicity, or culture. Women don't need to pigeon-hole themselves into certain roles. We can break barriers and set new traditions."
— Martha Paben
"I love working in golf and it's an amazing opportunity to be part of the growth for women in our industry. Women are trailblazers in every aspect of the game of golf, and I have learned so much from the many mentors who have supported me throughout my career at the PGA. I can only hope to return the favor by continuing to help grow the game and inspire more women to be part of our industry!"
— Lauren Locke
"Working in golf has allowed me to meet people from all of the world. Helping people, especially other women enjoy the game has been so fun. Assisting Golf Professionals with their career journey in golf has been rewarding beyond my wildest imagination.
— Nicole Pillay, PGA