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Chicago State Women’s Golf Team Utilizing PGA WORKS Career Expo to Embark on Unique Career Paths in the Golf Industry

By Charles Dillahunt, PGA of America
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The PGA WORKS Career Expo has served as a launching pad for golf industry talent to find entry pathways into careers in golf.
Held annually in concert with the PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship, the most culturally significant championship in collegiate golf, the PGA WORKS Career Expo is an opportunity for top golf industry employers to connect one on one with a diverse pool of talented student-athletes competing in the Championship. It allows students to learn about internships and entry-level employment opportunities available.
Led by Head Coach Angela Rayhill, the Chicago State University Women’s Golf team is a mainstay at the event each year, and they’ve quickly learned to utilize the PGA WORKS Career Expo to find their own unique entry pathways into golf. 
Take for example Hansika Tathgur, a rising senior and three-time participant in the event. Tathgur is driven to become a communications professional in the golf industry. Currently one of the social media managers for the team's social media accounts, Tathgur looks to seamlessly transition post-graduation with the help of the Career Expo. 
“This is my favorite event we play in every year because the PGA of America staff makes you feel like you are a true golf professional,” said Tathgur. “At the Career Expo, we meet top industry professionals in the golf space which is where I eventually want to be. I even help manage our team’s communications right now so that once I'm out of school, I’ll be ready to begin a career in communications.” 
Another notable Chicago State Alumni who played in the WORKS Collegiate and is now on her way to receiving her Ph. D in Bioengineering is Felicia Davenport. 
Felicia Davenport dreams of one day becoming a Sports Scientist after grad school, and she looks to utilize her talent by studying the biomechanics of athletes and how they move in their respective sports. Most notably, the golf swing. 
“This dream was derived from my interest in the biomechanics of the golf swing,” added Davenport. “I’m currently focusing on receiving my Ph. D. in Bioengineering with an emphasis in Biomechanics so that I can focus on my goal of better helping athletes in their ability to move well in their sport.” 
The Chicago State Women’s Golf Team is not short on big dreamers. Darinka Velazquez is also a rising Senior at CSU with goals of one day becoming a Sports Psychologist. She was quick to let us know that her favorite part of the WORKS Championship is the Career Expo event. 
“My favorite part of the tournament is the Career Expo because it always opens my eyes to all the possible career paths in the golf industry,” added Velazquez. “It always makes me want to tailor my major so that I can jump right into a career in golf.” 
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