Despite cold temps, Demo Day is still red hot

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The golf world descended on the Orange County National Golf Center again today for Demo Day at the PGA Merchandise Show, and while the weather was unseasonably cold, the latest and greatest in golf equipment was scorching hot.
Here are a few of the fun things our social team captured over the 42-acre, 600 tee box, 360-degree playground of fun. Dive in & don’t forget to follow us on  Instagram & Facebook.
Fling Golf
Fling Golf — where golf meets lacrosse & the barrier for beginners goes way down! This game is going to be huge!
Giant Putter
Ping partnered with John Deere to bring one of the more sought after sites at this year’s demo day!
Quick-Up Golf Range
Looking to improve your game and tap into your old school ski ball roots? The Quick-Up Golf Range fits the bill perfectly.
The Golf Swing Shirt
It’s been all about super tight golf shirts for years now… But no shirt is as tight as the The Golf Swing Shirt and nothing is as good for your golf swing!
The Latest Golf Board
Play faster. Have more fun with GolfBoard.
Orange County National Golf Center
We said it in the intro and it’s worth repeating here… the driving range is 42-acres. That’s 4 2
Hailey Hunter
And a big special thank you to Hailey Hunter, our host for the 2020 PGA Merchandising Show.
You’ve probably seen some of Hailey’s work with the LPGA over the past few years, and you’re sure to see much more of her golf coverage in the years to come. Follow Hailey on Instagram!