Dial In Your Putting with These 4 Drills

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The rattle of the ball hitting the bottom of the cup is such a sweet sound. Especially when it only takes one smooth stroke to do it. With these 4 fun and effective putting drills, you'll be hearing that sweet sound more often (and you'll start scoring better too).
One of the best ways to lower your score is to minimize the number of putts in your round. These 4 drills from our PGA Coaches are sure to help you get dialed in on the greens so you can see those scores start dropping.
If you love these drills, be sure to connect with a PGA Coach in your area to learn even more drills to excel on the greens.
1. Master your line and tempo.
2. Lag putt like a champ.
3. Study the putting surface.
4. Sink short putts from everywhere.

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