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Draw it for Distance

By Christian Czaja
Published on

The key question for maximizing distance is how to go big off the tee. Playing the fade is good if you have a lot of fire power. Unfortunately, only a few golfers can really move it out there with a fade. For the most part, if you want distance, hitting a draw is what you want.
Let's be honest, most amateurs want more distance.
My advice to them is to learn to hit the draw shot off the tee. When you draw the golf ball, your club face will be square and moving from inside the target line to the golf ball. All long hitters attack the ball from the inside path. I teach a lot of golfers to rotate the arms through the swing. This free arm swing adds a lot of speed and allows the club face to square up to the golf ball.
The more I coach golf, the more I become a distance specialist and a short game specialist. Hitting it long off the tee takes the correct swing method and a lot of practice.
Here are 5 suggestions for hitting the draw off the tee:
  1. Tee it high. This promotes a slightly upward approach and helps with the inside out swing path.
  2. Take a full backswing. By completing your backswing you will have smoother tempo and better weight transfer.
  3. Relax your upper body. This encourages a downswing that will get you in the slot not over the top.
  4. Use correct alignment. You should square up your body to target line.
  5. Swing to a high finish position.
Increased distance gives you shorter approach shots which (hopefully) means more greens hit, more birdie putts and lower scores. And besides, it's fun to move one out there from time to time. Good luck and have a great golf season!