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Easy tips & tricks to make golf more fun

By Pete Kowalski
Published on

A Fivesome of Fun
Those dimples on your favorite orb have a lot to do with its spin after you make contact.
Here, we’d like to offer an innovative ‘spin’ to give you the clubhouse lead on FUN when playing. The coming suggestions are not to replace your usual Sunday four-ball or a Friday night Nine and Dine. They are, instead, a new spin for fun as the No. 1 goal.
Here are five ways to beat the headwinds of regularity when playing golf:
Other Scoring Formats
Most golfers in the USA play their ball for score and the biggest takeaway of the day is “What I shot.” Why not dabble in match play on your next outing? In the UK, most daily golf is at match play and that increases pace of play – and the arrival time to the 19th hole.
Try the Stableford scoring system, which gives no points for any score at double bogey or above so you can pick up on your way to the dreaded "snowman." Or, play one of the tried and true games that keep everyone interested even if their score is rising like a tide in a hurricane?
Perhaps you can just play without keeping score and rotate through the group for their choice of club on the next tee? Look at the Rules of Golf for more scoring formats, see Rules 21, 22, 23, 24.
Different Look From Different Tees
Your local pro emphasizes that the back tees are for players of skill. Therefore, try playing a different set of tees for three consecutive visits or play ‘Fourth of July’ golf – red, white and blue every three holes.
No Drivers Allowed
Yes, it is your favorite club and you paid the most for it but have ‘Big Dog’ sit the pine for the round. Or, use only irons on every tee. Or, tee off from every hole with a 7-iron (see 7-iron, 7-iron, 7-iron to reach a par 5).
Switch Your Venue
Cost might be a factor here but make a summer’s tour of your local layouts. See how many of them you can play in one season and encourage others to do the same. Maybe, you can pick the course by holding contests for the Best Hamburger, Best Draft Beer Selection, or Best TVs.
Vary Your Playing Partners
Try to bring more folks into your golf circle of friendship. Play with three members of the opposite sex; try for the ‘largest range in age’ for a foursome; or show up as a single and get paired with a group that has room for you.
We are drawn to golf because it is fun, let’s remember that and or just Google: Ways to Play Golf. You might end up Leading the League in Laughs!