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Equipment: Where To Get It

By Jonathan Gold
Published on

In order to play golf, at some point you are going to need equipment

Regardless if your first time at the golf course is for a golf lesson, or if you are going to play on the course, the best thing to do is call the golf shop and ask if equipment can be provided. The majority of golf courses will have equipment for you to borrow for lessons and even to play on the course.
More than just golf clubs
Besides golf clubs, you may want to consider other forms of equipment that may be helpful for your experience. Remember, if you’re playing outside, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat or visor are essential if you expect to be in the sun for a period of time. Items including golf balls, gloves, tees, golf shoes and golf bags may be of interest to you in the future, but depending on the activity, are not necessary.
Contact the golf shop
The best thing to do is either call the golf shop or walk into the golf shop and talk to a staff member. Tell them you are new to the game and explain the activity you are considering to pursue. They will know exactly what you will need and will help you enjoy your experience!