Escape to Golf: Best Golf Pics Part V

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Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

What better way to temporarily escape than by taking in some of the best photos of golf courses this week on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So spend some time daydreaming of golf & if your phone (or laptop) is full of great golf images, take a moment to share them to your favorite social media accounts with the hashtag #EscapeToGolf.
Looking for great images of Spyglass Hill, Forest Dunes Golf Club , Whistling Straits and Scottsdale National? Check out our offering from previous weeks below!
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Pictured here is Hoylake’s 9th green known as ‘Punch Bowl’ and the dog leg 10th par 4 ‘Dee’. The 9th is short par four, playing through a natural valley of sand dunes, parallel to the beach. ‘Punchbowl’ first featured on the course layout in 1872, when the original 9 hole layout was extended to 18. The expansive Dee Estuary is visible from the tee. A ridge running through the fairway is the predominant feature of the hole. Into the prevailing wind from the appropriate tee, the keenly struck drive is rewarded by bouncing down to the tapering fairway at the other side. The weakly struck often fails to clear this hurdle, turning the approach into a significantly longer and blind shot. For many years of its life, the green sat in a true punchbowl, not visible except for one small ‘entrance’ short left of the green site. In an effort to make the approach ‘fairer’, the front section of dune was removed so that the front section of the green would be visible to more of the fairway. It is the point at which we turn direction and start playing back towards the clubhouse. The 10th hole is a stern test, it can be tempting to take off some of the dog leg with three bunkers lurking on the right. The one rule members live by on the 10th is ‘never give a putt’ the green slopes back to front and is full of subtle turning breaks that even the most experienced players have yet to master. —————————————————————————————— #golf #golfcourse #golfcoursearchitecture #links #hoylake #theopen #beautifulgolfcourses #golfcoursephotography #golfcoursephotos #top100 #top100courses #whyilovethisgame #playorperish

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