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PGA of America’s Molly Gallatin Shines Light on Brand Management, Speaking to Diverse and Minority Communities in Golf

By Carly Grenfell, PGA of America
Published on

Born and raised in Minnesota, Molly Gallatin began her career in sports with the Minnesota Twins. A job in Daytona Beach, Florida eventually took her away from her roots and an 11-year stint in baseball—and launched her into a new industry: golf.
Molly Gallatin’s first job in golf was with the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) where she served as the Senior Manager of Publicity. Her duties ranged from being the communications leader and spokesperson for the LPGA, to traveling around the globe to conduct on-camera interviews and press conferences at tournaments.
From there she landed a job at the PGA of America and is now the Senior Director of Brand and Content Strategy. Although Molly Gallatin brings a smorgasbord of experience to the table, she has found her voice in one particular area of the game: new golfers. And part of being a new golfer means making sure all people, like the LGBTQ community, feel welcomed into the game.
Being part of the LGBTQ community herself, Molly Gallatin opens up about the importance of inclusion in golf and how, as a brand ambassador, she can make a difference while also inviting others in the industry to do the same. New golfers come from all walks a life. Molly Gallatin has made it her mission to ensure all are included, welcomed and fully embraced.