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Families that play golf together have fun together

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Caroline Murphy is a young wife and mother who has spent the better part of the past two decades involved in education. A native New Yorker now living in South Florida, she has combined her expertise in technology, education and consulting to reach out to fellow moms through her blog, Smarty Pants Mama, where she offers advice on topics that include, shopping, vacations, parenting and more.
She and her husband Tom, along with their young daughter Isabella, participated in some free family golf clinics, and for the Murphys, it was a hole-in-one.
Although Caroline had accompanied her husband, an avid golfer, on several golfing excursions, she had little on-course experience besides driving a golf cart. “I had played mini-golf,” she said with a chuckle, “but that doesn’t really count.”
What’s the big deal about golf?
While Caroline knew golf was a great sport, she did not yet understand why her husband was always so anxious to play. Taking that free lesson with her family gave her a greater appreciation for golf, and she is ready to get back on the course.
“For me, the free lesson was an awesome experience,” Caroline added. “I am anxious to go play again — and so is our daughter. I’m sure golf is going to become a family activity now.”
Something to blog about
After attending the lessons, Caroline blogged about the event and it was her most popular post that month. Her advice about golf for other mothers: “Don’t be intimidated by the sport. It is truly a sport for all ages.”
Based on her great experience, Caroline is now encouraging people to participate in other family programs at local courses around the country. “Anytime you can find courses that host family events like this, I think it is really important for mothers and families to take advantage of the opportunity.”
It’s a win-win for all!
In the end, Caroline got a bargain and new way to bring the family together. “I don’t think you can ever be too old to start golf. It is an opportunity to develop a new hobby you can pursue with your family.”