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Five Reasons to Take Virtual Coaching

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YouTube.com | John Leskow

Just because you are practicing social distancing and may not be able to hit the links right now, doesn’t mean you should stop working on your game.
Virtual coaching provides golfers with plenty of options for improvement, from quick tip videos on social media to 1-on-1 sessions with top PGA coaches from across the country.
We recently chatted with some PGA coaches to find out five of the top reasons golfers should participate in virtual coaching.
1. Anytime, Anywhere
You can do the sessions at a time that fit your schedule. You can space it out if needed and to a little bit of time.
2. You Can Learn from Other Golfers
A lot of coaches do group programs virtually, so the learning and sharing is very different and you may be able to pick up tips from other individuals outside your coach.
3. You Only Need a Few Items
Coaches provide things to do both inside and outside with whatever equipment is available. Grab a club & your phone and you’re good to go.
4. It’s Easier to Stay on Track
Virtual sessions can be a better vehicle for information delivery. For the raw instruction, this can make it easier to deliver the information in a logical manner without the golfer getting the lesson off onto irrelevant tangents.
5. The Feedback is there Forever
Many coaches break down your swing and provide feedback in advance of a scheduled time for discussion. Not only will you get period of time to asks additional questions, but you have all the coaching material in the future as well.