Frank Maynard, PGA Plays 126 Holes in One Day to Raise Money for Folds of Honor

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Frank Maynard III, PGA is passionate about growing the game and making a difference through golf in his community, and last week he did so in a way that was close to his heart.
On Friday, June 25 Maynard, who is the head professional at UNC Finley Golf Course, played 126 holes (the equivalent of seven rounds) of golf. The reason? To raise money for Folds of Honor, a partner of the PGA of America, whose mission is to provide scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members.
As a member of the Carolinas Section who has served on their PGA Reach committee, Maynard is deeply in tune with it’s initiatives, particularly PGA HOPE, introduces golf to Veterans to enhance their physical, metal, social, and emotional well-being.
Maynard, who is PGA HOPE certified, knows how important the program is in general, but it is also one that is close to his heart. His father was a pharma-medic in the Korean War. As he told Chapelboro:
“He never spoke about being in the military. So being on the PGA Reach committee and what I just learned about my dad drove me to do a little more than what we already do with Patriot Golf weekend.”
After hearing other members in the Secion discuss how they have raised money through golf marathons, Frank decided that was the perfect way to go about making a difference, setting his original goal at $10,000.
By the time the day arrived, the goal had been met and was subsequently raised to $15,000 as Frank woke up for his first tee time.
“I played for 14 hours, it was super fun. I had a 4 AM wake up call, I teed off at 5:25 just before sunrise.   My goal was to play 99 holes and I finished that by 2:30 in the afternoon, so I reached that pretty early,” Frank described the day. “I wanted to play all seven tee markers that we have out here so I just kept going.” 
Frank played alongside the some 200 other tee-times booked at the course that day. His playing partners also included UNC Athletics employee Aaron York, Finley Director of Golf Mike Wilkinson, Membership Director Tyler Currin and two-time Purple Heart recipient John Eades.
His last hole was completed at 7:33 PM, some 14 hours and 8 minutes after he teed off for the first time.
“I had a couple good rounds out there. My hands were definitely sore from gripping the club that much. My feet were tired by the end of the day as well. But it was a really rewarding day.”
Once the dust settles and the pledges have been counted, Frank estimates that the total earned will reach up to $20,000 and 4 scholarships, blowing his original goal and expectations out of the water.
“After all is said and done we’ll probably be at close to $20,000 and 4 scholarships. It’s pretty mind-boggling,” he said. “Just to think that I was a small part of raising that money to help Folds of Honor as well as help deliver an education to some deserving students is a pretty neat feeling."