Kids and Juniors

Get Kids Involved in Golf

By Daryl Batey, PGA
Published on
Three junior girls on golf green

Golf builds skills for success in both sport and life.

Youth golfers are the future of our game! Parents should consider introducing their kids and their kids’ friends to the game of golf. Not doing so would be a missed opportunity to develop skills applicable to both life and sport. The PGA of America and its Professionals provide multiple programs which introduce kids to an opportunity of a lifetime: golf.
Discover the right program for your kids
PGA Junior League Golf is the “Little League” of golf. Teams are formed with the help of PGA Golf Professionals and the support of “Golf Moms.” This beginner-friendly format allows new and experienced youth alike to forge strong ties to the game and provides an enjoyable experience for our youth.
PGA Sports Academy combines fitness with the introduction of golf. The Sports Academy curriculum spans three levels, sometimes accomplished over the course of one season or through multiple camps. Not only do kids learn the basics of golf, but they also build fundamental life skills like athletic movement, nutrition and character. Kids are now starting as early as 2 and 3 years old.
The key is getting them out on the course
There are many Golf In Schools (GIS) programs for kids to gain exposure to the game. Once a child is exposed to golf and shows an interest in continuing the game, it’s important to transition these kids from the classroom to the golf facilities that offer these PGA programs. In many cases there will be year-round programs to participate in.
Swimming, karate, tennis and even baseball and basketball are being introduced at earlier ages. Golf should be included as well. In addition to being outdoors and providing opportunities for exercise, golf is a game the entire family can enjoy together.
The time to get golf involved in your child’s future is now!