Get to Know the Team of 20 Competing at the 2021 PGA Championship

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The 2021 PGA Championship begins bright and early tomorrow morning at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. The 156 player field consists of some of the highest ranked players in the world. Also in the field? 20 PGA Club Professionals.
These 20 players earned their spots last month during the 2021 PGA Professional Championship at PGA Golf Club. Now, they are set to take on one of the toughest courses in the country against the best in the world.
Check out their stories below. We're sure that you'll find one or two to pull for over the next few days while you're watching.
Alex Beach
Ben Cook
Ben Polland
Brad Marek
Brett Walker
Danny Balin
Derek Holmes
Frank Bensel Jr.
Greg Koch
Joe Summerhays
Larkin Gross
Mark Geddes
Omar Uresti
Patrick Rada
Peter Ballo
Rob Labritz
Sonny Skinner
Stuart Smith
Tim Pearce
Tyler Collet