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Getting to the Green: A Podcast Hosted by Mackenzie Mack, PGA/LPGA

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Getting To The Green is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Mackenzie Mack, PGA/LPGA and presented by the PGA of America that explores the different successes in the golf industry from caddies to broadcasters to engineers and pro golfers.
Listen to the first five episodes below!

Lauren Thompson: Golf Broadcaster

As the host of The Golf Channel’s daily show, Morning Drive, for ten years, Lauren Thompson has interviewed some of the biggest players in golf history. But did you know before she was in golf, she got her start in professional wrestling? This week, Lauren is on the other side of the interview as she and Mackenzie talk about getting to the green as a sports broadcaster.

Josh Jackson: Long Drive Champion

When you think about a football player and a golfer, the images in your head are likely drastically different. For Josh Jackson though, he loved both sports and ended up playing on both of his college teams.And then, he found a way to combine the brute force of football with the concentration and finesse of golf - Josh became a long drive champion.
He shares his story of becoming a long drive competitor, how much money is available at these events, and if he'd rather win the Super Bowl or a golf major.

Maria Loza: Golf Ball Engineer

Maria Juliana Loza has made a career of creating, designing, and testing golf balls - to help us golfers hit less houses and water hazards and hit more greens. So what does a golf ball engineer do? And how do they get started in this field?

Dottie Pepper: LPGA Tour Legend, Broadcaster, Author

Dottie Pepper is an LPGA legend, having won 17 tour events and earning almost $7M on tour. But being a golf pro isn't as easy as it can appear, and today Dottie shares some of her early struggles with making a living, why mentorship was imperative to her success, and what it was like transitioning to the broadcast booth. Letters to a Future Champion: My Time with Mr. Pulver is available in hardcover, paperback, or audiobook.

Michael Collins: Comedian and "America's Caddie"

You know Michael Collins as "America's Caddie" on his hit ESPN+ series. But what you might not know is how he got his start as a caddie on tour and what life is like carrying the bag on tour. Michael shares his stories and gives advice on how to break into the tour.